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To Be Announced- WINTER 2022 MidTerm Exam Prep 

For a small fee of $59.95 (tax included) you gain:
1-Exam Prep Class designed for CHEM 1110
2-A zoom invite to your interactive 2 hour class where you will be working through exam type questions instructed by Dr. Shaune McFarlane, a Chemistry PhD with 20 + years of experience teaching.
2- A work booklet emailed to for use during your class as you work step-by-step through exam type problems.
3- AND a practice exam with solutions emailed to you in PDF form after class.
4-ACCESS to Dr. McFarlane after the class if you have any further questions or concerns.

Note: You are registered once you send your payment.
*Scroll down to pay online.
*Send your e-transfer to [email protected]
 *Phone your payment in at 1-204-781-5245- we take credit card payments by phone.

After we receive your payment we will email your Registration Confirmation letter to confirm your payment.  Your zoom link will be sent to you to join the live class before the beginning of class. 
Questions?  Email us or phone anytime!  [email protected] or 204-781-5245. We are here for you.

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